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It's been a little while !

An Ocho Update !

Its been a little while since we posted so we have lots to tell you ........

On Firday evening we sang our last 'non-Christmas' concert at St Wilfrid's Church in Barrow on Trent. It was a fab concert and the audience really seemed to enjoy it ... no doubt assisted by the copious amounts of wine on offer! Many have said that we sound much better after a few glasses of wine! Not sure if they mean us or them !!! Anyway, now we are down to the serious business of Christmas. We have our 2 concerts in Düsseldorf area and we are thrilled with our programme and are really looking forward to singing with our new German friends 'Silk-O-Phonics'. They have really gone out of their way to ensure that we have a lovely visit .... its just a shame that our lovely alto Meg can't make the trip. 'Silko's' have arraged for our songs and Christmas readings to be mixed together during the Concert and we are really looking forward to it.

Then we are back to one of our very favourite venues to sing our only full Christmas concert in the UK........ St Margaret's Church, Crick, Northants. We have sung there for a number of years and every time the audience just seems to get bigger and bigger .... and a very appreciative audience too. So that will be fantastic!

Looking forward to 2024 with great excitement. We have decided to enter 2 competitions in the first part of the year, one local and another International Competition. In March we shall be entering Oundle Festival of Music Competition and then in April we are travelling to Bangor in Northern Ireland for an International Choral Competition there. So the first 3 months of next year will be busy with practice, practice, practice !!

Then later in the year, we have the REAL excitement when not just one, but two of our lovely ladies are getting married. Our lovely alto Megan and our Soprano Georgia are both getting married and Ocho are delighted to have been asked to sing at both celebrations ......

So the end of this year and next year look really exciting ....

Thank you to everyone who follows us and give us support and, don't forget, if you think Ocho could add something special to your event or celebration, contact Derek on 07769 226650.


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