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We're hoping for a lovely day, the day we go to Bangor!

Well it is nearly upon us .... next weekend Ocho travels off to Bangor (Northern Ireland) to compete in the Bangor International Choral Festival. We're going to have a very busy time whilst we are over there with a performance at the Festival Concert on the Friday Night and then a series of competitions throughout the Saturday afternoon, culminating in the Gala Concert in the evening. We have been busy learning new repertoire and we think we may have broken some sort of record because out of 9 songs being sung in competition only 3 will be in English ! Other languages being sung are Latin, Polish, Hebrew and Swedish! Why do we make things sooooo difficult for ourselves ? LOL. Anyway, we hope our months of practice since Christmas mean we can represent ourselves well at the competition and we are sure to thoroughly enjoy ourselves whatever happens. Rumour has it that we are up against some much larger choirs but we hope we can entertain the audience and impress the adjudicator.

I also think it is a 'given' that we enjoy ourselves because on the day following competition, Ocho is embarking on a mixed sex 'hen do' as Georgia and Megan prepare for their respective weddings in June and August! Yes ..... Ocho's men are going too ......we are a very 'inclusive' choir !!! lol. It's our final practice tomorrow night and then flying off to Belfast on Friday lunchtime. Fingers crossed and the very best of luck to all of the competitors in Bangor!


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